Interior Design

  • Communicate with us about your space and review your design project
  • Let us assist you visualize your new space
  • From consultancy, order placing, home delivery; we are here to help every step of the way
  • One Room – Let us help you design your interior from one room and one bathroom to each room and each bathroom of your dream house or an apartment.
  • One Purchase – You have seen the perfect wallpaper in your favourite magazine or on social media or an advertisement; show us the image and we will facilitate you in purchasing the item with correct size and quantity.
  • One Home – Our designers can help you with your floorplan, finishing, cabinetry, flooring, wallcovering, furniture and layout. Start with a complimentary consultation. There is no obligation, but if you and the designer click, you can start creating your dream home now!

What is involved in Interior Design?

I would say lots of things. Look for details with any designer you work with. We have come up with the following short list.

  • Outdoor Designs
    • Bench
    • Chairs
    • Tables and Garden Tables
    • Lighting
    • Ottoman
    • Sofa
    • Umbrella
  • Interior Designs
    • Wall colours
    • Lighting
    • Sofa and Sofa fabric
    • Curtain and Curtain Fabric
    • Chairs with Dining Tables
    • Center and Side Tables

Great for you

You can also download our planning guides about interior design.

  • Call and setup an appointment to discover who we are
  • Meet us for an hour to get to know you and your family and discuss your project. After meeting, you will receive an estimate.
  • Sign an agreement and contract. Provide us with a deposit and we will begin work on your project.
  • Design and lots of meetings with our expert level consultants. We will show you awesome designs that fits your needs, tastes and budget.

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