House renovation

Several Tips for House Renovation

  • Research Period Features And Safeguard Them
  • Work Out The Cost Of Your House Renovation
  • Check For Renovation Restrictions Before You Start
  • Apply For Planning Consents
  • Conduct A Bat Survey
  • Create A Design For Your House Renovation
  • Write A Schedule Of Works
  • Find The Best Contractors For Your Renovation
  • Get The Right Insurance For Your Renovation
  • Make The Site Safe, Then Clear It
  • Protect The Building Site From Theft
  • Assess The Condition Of The Building And Stabilise It
  • Brief Your Neighbours
  • Don’T Forget Your Builders
  • Start Major Building Renovation Work
  • Make The Building Weathertight
  • Begin With The First Fix
  • Line The Ceilings And Lay The Floor
  • Move On To The Second Fix
  • Finishing And Decorating
  • Tidy Up

Great for you

If the eventual ROI when you come to sell your property surpasses the amount of money spent on renovating the house, then it is financially worth it. Where house prices are a little out of reach, renovating could even be your best way to get on the property ladder.

But be aware that adding value isn’t guaranteed. ‘Budgets can overrun, the market can change or you can simply be unlucky. It is a risk but good research will stack the odds in your favour. Only take on property at a price you can afford to lose money at.

Of course, the benefits of renovation should not just be considered in financial terms. It can help you to create a home you love, with more space and better facilities to live the life you want to live.

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