Barbed Wires

Barb Wires or razor wires is the new offerings from We have partnership with a vendor that provides barbed wires across Karachi and other areas in Pakistan.

Our partner can provide residential and commercial barbed wire solutions. partner can assist you from the area mapping, material purchase, and installation.

BARBED WIRES PARTNER barb wire partner is Zuha Engineering. Our partner started out young, however, their works for itself. In less than three (3) years Zuha Engineering has substantial clients.

Zuha Engineering started in 2019. They survived pandemic. The business suffered a lot. However, they business turn-around mid of the year 2020.

Our customers can approach them directly or through us. If any customer mentions; Zuha Engineering may give discount. You never know.


There are several types.

  1. Single Twist
  2. Double Twist
  3. Traditional Twist
  4. Galvanized
  5. PVC Coated
  6. Concertina Wire
  7. Welded Razor Wire

Razor Ribbon Fencing

Razor wire fencing is the umbrella category, and razor ribbon fencing is one specific variety within this category. It’s a type of stainless-steel or galvanized steel wire tape that is commonly utilized in security applications. Featuring two-sided blades in symmetrical arrangement, razor ribbon is exceedingly difficult to cut with hand tools, and it is exceptionally hard to bend because of the tensile steel construction.

Added to the top of various types of security fences, this fencing is often used in high-security applications. Razor ribbon makes it exceedingly difficult to get into or out of the secured area without special tools. This wire is relatively light, and it takes up less storage space than barbed wire, which is why it is often used by the military. Razor ribbon fencing is also more likely to cause serious injury than barbed wire when someone attempts to navigate past it, making it a greater deterrent than barbed wire.

Barbed Wires

Used all over the world to keep herd animals from meandering out of their pastures, barbed wire fencing has sharp edges or pointed barbs placed at regular intervals along a central wire strand. It is also used to construct inexpensive fences to protect property, and as an added deterrent on top of walls. A person or animal crossing over barbed wire may experience an injury, but it is less likely to be as severe as an injury caused by razor ribbon fencing.

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