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Plumbing is important to keep the water and sewerage system flow. Leaky pipes and faucets can waste a lot of water-and money; if left alone. We are pleased to offer plumbing services for your home, including faucet repair, toilet replacement, pipe insulation and more. No job is either too big or too small for a muzdoor. You can depend on us. We do urgent service as well.

  • Faucet Repair & Installation
  • Sink Installation
  • Minor Plumbing Leaks
  • Toilet Repair & Installation


We are plumbing expert. Is a Faucet or Shower-head in Your Home Leaking?

Dripping faucets can cause your home to waste 200+ gallons of water every month; which can lead to unnecessary spikes in your water bill. If you would like to cut down on waste and spend less on your water, you should get in touch with us  as quickly as possible. Beyond the waste, leaking faucets can also be a sign that there are other plumbing problems—which can be costly in the long run.


Upgrade Your Kitchen with a New or Repaired Sink

Have you been eyeing a new farmhouse sink for your kitchen? Or do you love the one you have but need it to be repaired? If so, we encourage you to contact the experts. We offer exceptional repair and installation services that can completely transform your kitchen.

When we install a new sink, we take care to ensure that it is done properly without any leaks that could cause water damage in the long-run. If your kitchen has already suffered from water damage and the resulting consequences of mold, rot, and mildew, our team can help you with that too. We can even repair or install a brand new garbage disposal so your kitchen is not only beautiful, but it is functional too.


Leaky pipes and fixtures can waste more than 10,000 gallons of water every year. Our muzdoor have the skills and expertise to repair or replace troublesome pipes, toilets and fixtures; before they wreak havoc on your water bill. is the one-call solution that you can trust.


Common Plumbing Problems with Toilets in Households

  • Weak flush that doesn’t work correctly
  • Flush is strong, but it doesn’t complete
  • Tank fills with water after being flushed
  • Water in the toilet bowl drops
  • Flushes twice in a row
  • Whistles when the tank is filling
  • Takes too long to fill the tank
  • Causes a dripping noise after filling
  • Takes a really long time to flush
  • Tub and sink gurgle when you flush

If you notice any of the above or any other plumbing problems with your toilet, our team is here to help.

From time to time homeowners have small projects involving wiring and electrical components. Our muzdoor professionally installs electric appliances like ceiling fans and fix problems with light switches, dimmers and household lighting fixtures.

  • Electrical Ceiling Fan Installations
  • Hard to Reach Light Bulbs and Smoke Detectors
  • Loose Wall Switches & Socket Repair
  • Dimmers, Timers & Motion Detectors


We can do complete wire layout plan. We can advice you on choosing a wire that is best suited to your needs. Choosing a right wire will ensure safety for yourself, your kids, your family, your house, and your neighbors. In addition, we can also guide you replace any old wiring.


We can setup an appointment for any electrical appliances to install. Our muzdoor can setup washing machines, fridge, deep freezers, ceiling fans and fix problems with light switches, dimmers and household lighting fixtures.


  • Electrocution can cause death.
  • Never operate electrical equipment, electrical cables, any electrical appliances while you are standing in the water.
  • Always use caution when working near electricity.
  • Never touch a power line.
  • Be very careful in the rain.
  • Electrical appliances should be dry all the time. It can cause electrocution.
  • The owner should maintain complete log of periodic inspections for all equipment.

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According to Pakistan Engineering Council, electrical voltage levels are below.

Voltage Type IEEE Std. 141 IEC Std. 60038
Low 120 V to 600 V ≤ 1000 V
Medium 2.4 kV to 69 kV 1 kV to 35 kV
High 115 kV to 230 kV 35 kV to 230 kV
Extra High 345 kV to 765 kV 230 kV to 800 kV
Ultra High N/A 1050 kV to 1200 kV

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Prevent clogged drains in your home by stopping hairs, oils, greases, coffee grinds, pasta or hard produce parts, such as broccoli stalks, carrots or apple cores, from going down the drain. A drain stopper or filter can help stop materials, like coffee grinds, pasta and produce from entering your drain.

A kitchen plumbing system, regardless of its age, should be scheduled for maintenance once a year.

Plumbers are helpful for clearing a clogged drain if your DIY methods don’t work or if you don’t feel comfortable unclogging the drain. In any case, DIY methods are best reserved for people with experience.

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If you don’t take action when there is a gas leak in your home, you could be risking everyone’s life inside the house and possibly even your neighbour’s lives. When natural gas is in the air, even the slightest spark can cause it to ignite. Things as simple as static electricity on a carpet, flipping on a light switch, using your stove or using your cell phone can cause a fire or explosion that may result in catastrophic injury or death. Taking quick and decisive action once you notice the signs of a leak is what will ultimately keep everyone safe.

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