Air Conditioner (AC)

We specialize in air conditioner (AC) installation, maintenance, and repair. The work on the air conditioner is not a Do-It-Yourself (DIY) project. Obviously, you must know how to install equipment. The installation of pipes are necessary for water flow and cooling.

OZIAC can visit your premises and analyze the installation area. They can give you suggestions as where to install so that you get the maximum output from your air conditioner unit.

You can convert your house, an apartment, factory, an office or any premises for central air conditioner. However, it is going to be very expensive and the monthly maintenance is high due to parts and labour.

The cheapest mode to make your site cool is to install split AC in Pakistan. There are several types and we can work on any model and make.


Inverter AC saves energy. And by that, you can save your electricity bills. They come in various output power to maintain room temperature. The inverter AC cools faster than conventional air conditioners.


Inverter AC features energy-saving operation that reduces power consumption. Moreover, without the surging on/off of compressor operation, the compressor can operate at as low as 1.5kW, saving a bundle of energy. Most of the time the inverter ac is expensive but in return the electric bill is lower.


Inverter technology maintains precise control of room temperature and creates a comfortable environment. In conventional AC units, compressor triggers on/off to adjust to the desired room temperate. This causes great fluctuation in the indoor temperature. This provides superior control in maintaining the desired temperature. The inverter air conditioner reduces noise level by eliminating the on/off compressor operation. The new technology reduces the power to the compressor.

With inverter technology, the power to the compressor is decreased. This provides superior control in maintaining the desired temperature.

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