Scrap Old AC

We purchase your scrap old AC either working or not working. We also purchase refrigerators. In addition to we can also purchase all types of scraps including oven, geyser, any metal or grill.

Please contact us or call us now at 0307-270-9413 and 0312-889-0153.


We pay taxes and we are part of entrepreneur ecosystem. We are part of INTELISALES.

Benefits of selling Scrap Old AC

  • It gives you cash.
  • It creates job.
  • It saves energy.
  • It saves business money it goes to recycling.

Learn about your scrap old ac. If you are a business then you may have it in bulk that you need to remove. We can easily bring our trucks and remove any scrap you don’t need.

We collect and sort. Then it goes in different forms and melting. After melting and refining, it solidifies. Eventually it goes to manufacturing.