Tips To Rent Your First Apartment

Tips To Rent Your First Apartment

Today we will talk about Tips To Rent Your First Apartment. Creating something is not easy. You have to indulge yourself and at the same time practice savings at all levels at every minute.

Basic Steps on Savings Phase

  1. Eating outside – buy cheap and cook high quality food at home sweet home. You just can’t argue on home cooking.
  2. Watching movie in cinema – this means savings on popcorn and soda.
  3. Binge shopping – no use of storing unwanted items in a house.
  4. Unnecessary traveling within city and outside city.
  5. Walk is free! – so walk as much as you can. You know you need it.
  6. List your professional and home expenses on a piece of paper.
  7. Shut down electrical points if not needed. Confined to one room or two at the tops!

The question what investment has to do with renting my apartment to a tenant? The simple answer is you can’t have an investment until you can’t save. Investment is savings. I am sure you have heard of famous statement; a penny saved today, are pennies earned tomorrow. You can’t argue on that either. 

Tips To Rent Your First Apartment

What to look for in a renting place? Everything from the location and the dwelling information.

Ideal location

Everything bogs down to the needs of an individual human being. For example, if you have a household of four person which consists of husband, wife and two beautiful kids; then you need to know what each of them really need. This will also help you creating bond with your family. After all, house is made of bricks but home is made of human emotions.

It is all about location, location, and location. You can consider the following points.

  1. Close to places such as offices, schools, universities, hospitals, religious places.
  2. See minimum of five places
  3. Of course, you will choose one so pick the best one.
  4. Number of rooms
  5. Do you need a house or an apartment?
  6. Transport connection with local buses, taxis and airports.

Data Requirements

What do I mean about data? It’s basically coming from your professional and home expense list, your income or revenue, net profit or net loss, type of house or an apartment needed. When you manipulate the data, you will know your true financial value of your investment.


Make sure to read the contract in full and not skim it. You must asked questions of any hidden cost and make sure everything is written down instead of a verbal agreement. There should not be any kind of verbal agreement.

The contract must have the following information.

  1. Full name of landlord and tenant
  2. Address and characteristics of the property
  3. Rent amount, term and payment methods
  4. Payment compliance guarantees
  5. Termination clauses of the contract
  6. Additional clauses (pets, automatic renewal, rent increase, etc.)

In western countries, the landlord will also go through each room item and have you signed on a piece of paper that you agreed on it. For example, a bathroom faucet is not leaking. The shower tub is not dirty. The kitchen is clean including the back of the oven; when the tenant vacant the apartment or a house. Small things matter and one has to be very careful. After all, it is your investment and not mine.


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